The custom home process is complex.  We know you want to get it right.  Springhouse Architects have the experience to simplify this process for you.  We will guide you through all three steps so you get to live in your home that supports your best life.



We listen to you to understand your life, your family, and your dreams.  Our clients bring in a ton of inspiration.  Finding out what you like and why you like it, how it will serve your family, and helping you decide what fits in your budget is our very first step.  You bring everything to us including your style and your ideas, we help you sort through it all.


We design your home pulling together all of the information you bring to us, adding in our expertise and design innovation.  Through a series of design sessions and meetings, one step at a time, we develop a plan for your home together.  You end up with your perfect house for you because you are involved at each step.


We advocate for you through the entire building process so you can hit your goals, budget, and timelines.  During construction is when many of the pitfalls happen.  We work with you to ensure all of the work we have done together gets translated exactly as we imagined it.