Springhouse News and Updates

This Spring has been a busy one for Springhouse Architects; full of travel, transitions, and trying new things. Our team loves being active in our community; we all appreciate giving back in ways that bring value and positive action. It’s an exciting time for us and we’d like to share what has been happening in our world.

Let’s start with the biggest news, our new office! Yes, we moved from the springhouse into a brand new office space where our entire team can more easily collaborate. We celebrated with a very fun open house that included a ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor John Agenbroad and Springhouse Founder and Principal Architect Sheri Scott doing the honors. Our open house was a successful meet and greet with friends and members of the community. Many thanks to all that attended!

Springhouse Architects Open House.png

Recently, Dayton Tech Guide invited Sheri to participate in their monthly Women Entrepreneur Panel called Pints & Preneurs. This group connects local business owners and entrepreneurial peers working to build a vibrant economic community in Dayton. Speaking on a panel was a first for Sheri and although she was nervous in the beginning, she enjoyed the experience so much that she’s planning to attend more in the future.  

Sheri Scott at Pints and Preneurs.png

Another unique event that Sheri took part in involved our local schools. Sheri is a member of the Springboro Schools Business Advisory Council and was among a select group of community business leaders invited to collaborate with Springboro Schools to discuss, question, and offer suggestions about the future of the schools and how to make a positive impact on the education system.

Our Founder wasn’t the only one lending her expertise, the rest of the Springhouse Architects team was also actively serving our community. One of our Interior Designers, Serena Walther, was invited to speak to Realtors at a Lunch and Learn event. She spoke about home design and how a buyer could potentially renovate an existing home.

Whether it’s through speaking events, books, email newsletters or social media, we’re happy to be a reliable resource for our Realtor friends and their clients. We feel the same about our builder friends. Kevin Bensman, Springhouse Architects Project Manager, takes part weekly in the Home Builders Association of Cincinnati Roundtable. This dynamic group of professionals in the area convene to share their expertise and network.

Did you know that the Springboro Chamber of Commerce is one of the most active and vibrant Chambers in the area? Well, it is and our Administrative Coordinator, Peggy Kolonay, attends this monthly meeting, keeping Springhouse Architects engaged with the topics and ideas affecting our economic community. This month’s speaker was Mayor John Agenbroad whose spoke about the newest happenings in the city.

Springboro Chamber of Commerce meeting.png

A special event that we look forward to each year is the Career Fair for Springboro City Schools. Isaac Buehler, Springhouse Architects Project Manager, volunteered to be our representative at the fair this year. He spent the morning talking with students about his job and the steps they can take to prepare themselves for a similar profession.

Springhouse Architect Project Manager.png

Our team managed to squeeze in some traveling as well. We sent Kevin as our representative to the International Builders Symposium in Las Vegas! He and the other building professionals enjoyed a few days of conferences, panel discussions, and learning events as well as being exposed to the newest ideas in design and building.

KBIS las vegas trip.png

And last but not least, our team was able to travel to Tisdel in Mason, OH to see the latest Wolf Sub-Zero products and take a tour of the facility! We were inspired by the beautiful appliances and technology!

We love making connections and being active in our community. It’s important to all of us at Springhouse Architects to lend our expertise and to be involved in the things that impact your life. By working together, we are creating the world we want to live in.

Would you like us to speak at your event? Get in touch!

Sheri Scott