Custom Homes In Process

It’s always fun to show our projects once completed, but we also love sharing our work in process. Take a look at what Springhouse Architects is currently working on. We are beyond excited about these projects and the clients for which they are designed.

Each one is wonderfully unique, interesting, and just right for them.

Take a look at what’s new:

Bridge House

It’s a good day when a past client comes to you and says, “Sheri, we found the perfect piece of land and we want something super cool on it!”

We started with a hike on the land to find the perfect location. The hike sparked our inspiration to span the valley with the public living space and so, we came up with the Bridge House.

Columbus Modern

A multi-generational home is complex.  Private space is important but so is setting the stage for interaction. Luckily, our clients came to us with lots of ideas of how they wanted to spend time together.

Our design solution was to create a young family home on one side, space for the parents on the other, and connect both with shared family space. All spaces take in the views and respect the site of a beautiful natural pond and gorgeous wooded ravine.


Sometimes our best referrals come from our local network of builders. A local builder asked if we could meet with a current client of theirs. They already went through the design process with a home designer, but it just wasn’t right.

So, we sat with them, listened, and toured their site. Springhouse Architects has a 3 step process that we follow for all our clients: Listen, Plan, Build. The result? A custom home designed perfectly for them!

Yellow Springs

Our clients for this custom home had already designed a house with someone else. They were even ready to break ground, but they were not excited. It didn’t feel right to them. It just wasn’t what they wanted.

We are so happy that they had the courage to stop everything and start over. It wasn’t an easy decision and certainly not inexpensive, but now the right house for them is being built and they are excited every day. And so are we!

All of our projects are special to us, but knowing what this means for our client, we know completing this one is going to feel so good!

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Lisa Saldivar