A 100-Year-Old Vision from Ugly to Exactly Right

Ruthman Office

There are some projects that just hit the sweet spot for me as an architect.  


Usually, that project is a home for a client that contributes unique ideas but lets us do our thing. This one is a little different.  


We designed Tom’s house for him 6 years ago - it’s still one of my favorites. Recently, he contacted us to help him renovate an abandoned building that he purchased for his company. The exciting part is that he wanted us to help him communicate a new beginning for the 100-year-old family company.


A century of business takes one strong family.  That’s something special and to get the opportunity to communicate this through architecture is amazing!  


We took an (ugly) abandoned daycare building in West Chester and reimagined it into this super cool, modern, exactly right for them, office building.


I can’t wait for construction to start this spring.  


What’s a vision you have that we can help you achieve? Even if it starts with something ugly and abandoned. It’s becoming a bit of a passion for me.


- Sheri

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Sheri Scott