You've Worked Hard. You Deserve This.

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At Springhouse Architects, we guide our clients through the entire custom home process. Our clients have worked very hard to get where they are.  They are looking for the perfect house that meets their needs and their dreams.  The perfect house for their family whether they are a couple just starting out, an active family full of kids and parents and friends, or the empty nesters ready to make a shift.

Unfortunately, the perfect house isn’t always waiting for them.  

Most of our clients don’t choose to take on a custom home project as their first choice. It creates great demands on your time, your patience, and it is expensive. Many times, in the backs of their minds they are wondering:

  • Will this be too hard?
  • Will it complicate my marriage?
  • Will we make costly mistakes?

The homeowners that do decide to work with us have decided - We have worked so hard, we deserve this.  And, your home is where your life happens, it should support your best life.  

- Sheri

If you're wondering how to start a custom home project, click here. This article may help.

Sheri Scott